How To Clear Your Spotify Queue

So, you’ve got a bunch of songs lined up on Spotify, but you’re not feeling the vibe anymore. No worries, here’s how you can shake things up.

On Windows or Mac

 If you’re jamming on your computer, just hover over the song you want to ditch, click on the three-dot menu icon and select “Remove From Queue.” It’s gone.

On Android or iPhone

If you’re grooving on your phone, tap on the song that’s currently playing at the bottom, hit the queue button, select a song by tapping the circle next to it, and then tap “Remove.” Just like magic, it’s outta there.

  • Clearing All Songs. If you want a clean slate, click the “Clear Queue” button at the top of the “Next In Queue” list. It’s like a fresh start for your ears. Now, if you’re in the mood for a one-time-only playlist of your favorite tunes, you can add them to your playing queue. And if you change your mind? No problem, you can clear your queue in a snap.
  • Clearing Your Queue on Windows 10 or Mac. So, you’ve got some songs in your queue that you’re not so proud of? We’ve all been there. Clearing your queue on Spotify is a great way to make sure that any songs you’ve accidentally added to play later are gone for good. Just open up Spotify, sign in, and click the queue icon in the bottom-right corner. You’ll see a list of your currently playing songs and what’s up next.
  • Removing Individual Songs. If you’re playing a playlist, you can’t clear your queue entirely without stopping the playlist or playing another one. But you can remove individual songs. Just hover over a song in your queue, click the three-dot menu icon, and select “Remove From Queue.”
  • Clearing All Songs. If you’ve added songs to your queue manually, you can clear them all at once. Just click the “Clear” button at the top of your “Next In Queue” list. Spotify will ask you to confirm, so just click “Yes” and you’re good to go.

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Clearing Your Queue on Android, iPhone, and iPad 

If you’re using the Spotify mobile app, you can clear your queue in a similar way. Open the app, sign in, and if you’re playing music, you’ll see the playing options bar at the bottom. Tap this to view it fully. In the Playing menu, tap the queue icon in the bottom-right corner. From here, you can remove individual songs from your queue or clear any manually added songs.

  • Removing Individual Songs. Just tap the round icon next to the song you want to remove, then tap “Remove.” The song will be removed from your queue, but if it’s a playlist song, it will remain in your playlist for future listening.
  • Clearing All Songs. If you’ve added songs to your queue manually, you’ll see them listed in the “Next In Queue” section. Just tap the “Clear Queue” button to clear all of the manually added songs. This won’t remove any songs from a playlist you’re currently playing.

Once your queue is cleared, you’ll need to add other songs or select a new playlist to play. If there are no other songs in your queue, Spotify will stop playing.

And if you’re looking for some new tunes, check out Spotify’s enhance feature – it can suggest songs that fit with your current playlist. Happy listening!

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John Miller


July 8, 2024