How To Get Your Music Out There Online

Putting your tunes online can feel pretty stressful. Sure, it’s super easy and cheap now, but that means everyone and their grandma is doing it, often without much effort. Back in the day, before 2014, if you had a decent song, you could just release it and get some natural traction. But post-2015, those organic boosts and algorithmic favors pretty much vanished with “free” distribution. The old gatekeepers are gone, and now artists have to play gatekeeper themselves, battling to be heard above the constant noise.

But hey, with change comes cool new ways to reach your audience. If you’re serious about making great music, here are some top tips to help you promote your tunes and get noticed.

Research is Everything

Some artists are great planners, but most aren’t. When you’re just starting out, promoting your music can feel like a steep learning curve. You might find yourself chasing after any online service you see an ad for. But doing your homework to find a service that offers more than just numbers is key. You want real music promotion, a chance to build an audience that could turn into fans.

Tips for Finding a Good Service:

  • Google it: Look for a service that suits your music style.
  • Check their track record: Make sure they’ve successfully promoted music online.
  • Talk to them: Ensure real humans are behind the company.
  • Ask for proof: Get case studies of their success.
  • Seek discounts: Most services offer discounts for first-timers.
  • Go for speed: Choose a service that won’t drag things out.

Ready to Promote Your Music?

Make sure you’ve got everything in place so you can capitalize if your song takes off. Especially on Spotify, once you sign up for distribution, you get access to Spotify for Artists. You can then add profile photos, a bio, and social media links like Instagram. A complete profile gives you a better shot at promoting your music effectively.

Watch Out for Scams

Be cautious of cheap playlist promotions. There are strict rules, and breaking them by buying plays or playlist spots can seriously hurt your career.

Singles, Albums, or EPs?

For new artists, releasing an entire album is a big no-no. Albums are for fans who already love your music. Singles are the best way to build momentum, as each release can trigger Spotify’s algorithm. Singles are cost-effective and a great way to promote your music.

Social Media Presence

Creating social posts about your music can be overwhelming. Stick to platforms that fit your personality and won’t drain your creative energy. You don’t need accounts on every platform. Focus on one, like Instagram, to showcase your work and engage your followers. Link your Instagram to your Spotify for direct fan connection.

Budgeting and Time Management

Finding a legit music promotion service can take time. Many cheap options exist but remember, “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Playlist Push works with indie artists and top record labels, offering quality curators and efficient service. They use AI to match your music with the right curators and provide real-time placement information and tracking.

Promoting Your Music Independently

As an indie artist, promoting your music can be tough with many scams around. Spotify is a great platform to learn how to get your music heard by the right audience. Playlist Push is a game-changer for Spotify promotion, known for its quality and efficiency. even listed Playlist Push as one of the best ways to promote your music online.

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Reach Your Ideal Audience

Here’s why Playlist Push rocks:

  • Curated Playlists: Get your tracks on influential playlists.
  • Targeted Promotion: Reach listeners who love your genre.
  • Algorithm Boost: Increase your chances of getting on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar.
  • Cost-Effective: Get heard without breaking the bank.
  • Credibility: Being on respected playlists gives your music instant credibility.
  • Data Insights: Get valuable analytics to refine your strategy.
  • Revenue Increase: More streams mean more earnings and opportunities.
  • Dedicated Fanbase: Build loyal followers with regular playlist features.
  • Focus on Music: Let Playlist Push handle the promotion so you can keep creating.

Best Platforms to Promote Music

Spotify and TikTok stand out for music promotion. Both have discovery features and thrive on new music. Spotify’s playlist pitching tool and TikTok’s viral potential make them ideal for promoting your music.

TikTok Music Promotion

  1. Massive Reach: Over a billion active users.
  2. Viral Potential: TikTok’s algorithm can make your track go viral.
  3. Music Discovery: Users love finding new songs.
  4. Creative Content: Engage users with various types of content.
  5. Influencer Collaboration: Connect with influencers to amplify your reach.
  6. Data Insights: Get analytics on your song’s performance.
  7. Monetization: Increased visibility leads to more streams and revenue.
  8. Cost-Effective: Achieve substantial reach with a smaller budget.

Marketing vs. Promotion

Marketing is about your music, artwork, and brand. Promotion is about getting your music out there. Your music is the marketing; promotion is what helps find and convert fans.

And there you have it, your guide to promoting your music online. Focus on making great music first because even the best promotion can’t make up for a lackluster track.

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John Miller


July 10, 2024