Make A Spotify Artist Playlist  – How To Do It

What’s a Spotify Artist Playlist, you ask? Well, it’s a playlist that you, as an artist, craft and pop onto your Spotify Artist Profile. You’re the boss of this playlist, meaning you can use it as a tool to push your music and shape the listening journey for folks who drop by your profile.

Where’s this Artist Playlist on Spotify?

You’ll find your artist playlist chilling on your artist profile page. If you’re on mobile, just scroll down past the “Popular Releases” section and voila! It’s right there above your “Fans also like”.

Here’s a sneak peek of what my artist playlist looks like on my Spotify profile.

Why You Should Make a Spotify Artist Playlist?

It keeps your fans hooked & involved As your music hits Spotify and your presence expands, followers and fans will be drawn to your online activity. Having your own hand-picked playlist is a killer strategy to keep the hype and engagement around your project. Fans are curious about what you’re doing and want more ways to connect with your brand. So, having your own playlist and promoting, sharing, and updating it is a clever way to strengthen that fan-artist bond.

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You’re in the driver’s seat

 One of the rad things about crafting your own playlist that reflects your style or sound is that you’re in control. Think of it as a mini collective. Growing this unique playlist will help people stay in tune with your songs and what’s inspiring you at that moment.

Showcase your older tracks

Your listeners should already be familiar with your music, so this is a cool opportunity to share some hidden gems and sprinkle in some of your older tunes that might have been overlooked. Most folks follow playlists, hit the shuffle button, and let the music flow. So, when your music is mixed in with other awesome artists, it creates a special connection and vibe around you. Having a strong and relevant playlist is a good way to spotlight your work in between your releases. For instance, on the days or weeks between your Spotify releases, it’s a smart move to set this playlist as your “Artist Pick” via your Spotify for Artists page. This lets your biggest fans know that you’re curating and collecting tunes that speak to you, and it drives traffic and engagement to your page, profile, and overall awareness.

Align yourself with bigger artists in your genre

The best part about maintaining this playlist is that it’s all yours. This means you get to be the DJ and you get to share your music alongside other talent. Now you have the freedom to choose these songs, place them, and decide how often you update them – a good starting point is a few new songs every week, or even refreshing the entire playlist with new tunes – and then promoting it. With a larger follower and listener count on your playlist, the algorithm gives you a better chance to be placed on other playlists like editorial and discovery-related, as well as being associated with artists you admire or are inspired by. It can also help you customize your “Fans also like” with the artists you add.

It’s pretty common for Spotify curators to check out your profile page and see how you’re doing and how much you’re using your Spotify For Artists tools – this can bring positive attention to your business.

You’re in charge of branding and SEO

You have complete freedom to choose the branding and name for your playlist, but there are some good tactics to get it high up in the search bar for when people are looking to discover new music. It’s also crucial to share (and even promote) your playlist on your social media platforms as well as Reddit groups and other music forums. Heck, you can even share your playlist with businesses to play in their shop, office, restaurant, etc. Curating a good flow with good synchronicity around your sound is an important concept to be aware of, as well as the duration and how many tracks you use – you don’t want to have a 30-hour playlist that’s all over the place genre and style-wise.

How to Make a Spotify Artist Playlist

Wondering how to make an artist playlist on Spotify? It’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is create it on your Spotify personal account, then add the playlist to your artist profile via Spotify for Artists

Whip up the playlist on Your Personal Spotify Profile Note: we recommend changing your display name to match your artist name.

Pop the playlist onto your Spotify Artist Profile On Desktop

  1. Log in to Click View Profile in the top-left. Click + under Artist Playlists. Search for the playlist or paste a Spotify link. On Spotify for Artists Mobile App
  2. Tap your profile icon in the bottom-right Tap + under “Artist Playlists” Tap + Search for your playlist or paste the link to it Source: Spotify

Tips for Crafting the Best Playlist

Add similar artists to your playlist that are bigger than you Optimize your playlist name for SEO Nail the Album Art Add your Artist Playlists to your “Artist Pick” Common Questions: How often should I update my Spotify artist playlist?
Regular updates, like weekly or bi-weekly, can keep the playlist fresh and engaging for listeners.

Should I only include my music in the artist playlist?

Including other artists, especially those in your genre or whom you admire, can provide context and showcase your influences, making the playlist more interesting and diverse.

Can interacting with fans’ playlists impact my artist playlist’s visibility or engagement?

Interacting with fans’ playlists can increase engagement and visibility as it shows you are active within the community, potentially leading more listeners to your artist playlist.

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July 10, 2024