Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup 

Spotify going to pop up every time you start your device. Annoying, isn’t it? Especially if you’ve got a bunch of other apps doing the same thing. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re going to show you how to stop Spotify from being such an eager beaver.

The Quick Fix (All Devices)

Want to stop Spotify from opening on startup? Easy peasy. Just open the Spotify app, head over to Settings, find the “Startup and windows behavior” section, and tell it “No” when it asks to auto-start.

For the Mac Users

If you’re a Mac user, you’ve got two ways to stop Spotify from automatically launching on startup.

  • Spotify Settings Just open the Spotify app, click on your profile image, select “Settings,” scroll down to “Startup and windows behavior,” and set “Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer” to “No.”
  • Mac System Preferences You can also go to your Mac’s settings. Click the Apple logo, select “System Settings,” click “General,” then “Login Items,” select Spotify, and hit the minus sign.

For the Android Users

If you’re using an Android phone, Spotify will auto-launch by default once downloaded.

  1. Turn “AutoLaunch” Off. Some phones let you set which apps can automatically start when the device boots up. This feature is called “Auto Launch.” Just open the “Settings” app, tap “Apps,” tap “Auto Launch,” and tap the slider next to the Spotify icon to turn it off.
  2. Revoke “AutoStart” Permission. Most modern Android-compatible apps will ask your permission to access data or perform specific actions as soon as you download them. Some apps like Spotify default to auto-launch upon installation. Just open the Settings app, tap “Manage Apps” and then “Permissions,” click “Autostart,” and tap the blue slider next to Spotify to turn the auto-start off.

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For the iOS Users

Disabling Spotify’s auto-launch feature on an iOS device isn’t too different from doing it on an Android.

  1. Disable Autoplay in Playback Settings. Open the Spotify app, click on your profile image, select “Settings and privacy,” click “Playback,” scroll down to “Autoplay similar content,” and uncheck it.
  2. Disable Background App Refresh for Spotify. Spotify may sometimes launch on its own through the “Background App Refresh” feature. Just go to your iPhone’s “Settings,” tap on the “General” section, find “Background App Refresh,” and open it. Find Spotify and if the slider next to it is green, click on it so it becomes gray.

For the Windows 11 Users

There are three easy ways to ensure Spotify won’t launch as soon as you log into your Windows 11 device.

  1. Disable “Open Spotify Automatically” in Settings. Open the Spotify Windows app, press Ctrl + P to open the Settings, scroll down to “Startup and Window Behavior,” and set “Open Spotify Automatically After You Log Into the Computer” to “No.”
  2. Disable Automatic Startup in Task Manager’s “Process and Services”. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to activate the Task Manager, click Startup, find Spotify, click on it, and tap on the “Disable” button.
  3. Disable Automatic Startup in Windows Apps. Click the Start button, then “Settings,” click “Apps,” click “Startup,” find the Spotify app, and tap on it to disable it if its slider is blue.

And that’s it. You’ve now got the power to control when and where Spotify pops up.

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John Miller


July 8, 2024